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From You With Love



From You With Love’ is a concept that was created in the high Himalayan valley of Ladakh. In August 2010, hundreds of people perished, and lost their families and their livelihood when rains created a devastating landslides and caused the rivers to swell and overtake the land. Our founder Sabine Roemer was one of the lucky few that managed to escape, along with their companion Tanzin Norbu; making them unite and want to give back all of the love and generosity endowed upon them on their quest for survival during this time.

Together they created and designed the From You With Love bracelets, Available in brass or silver plated the bracelet is inspired by the Tibetan Dorje and Buddhist prayer beads. The Dorje represents spiritual power and protection, and is one of the tools of meditation. The proceeds from the profits will go to the From You With Love foundation supports kids and their families who went through the horrible natural disaster and still to this day have to make up for it.

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