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How To Wear
- The more intentional you are about caring for your jewelry, the longer it will last.
- As a general care tip, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove upon coming home.

- Remove your jewellery before doing any activity that risks physical damage.

How To Care
- Proactive maintenance is the easiest way to care for your jewelry.
- Regularly cleaning your pieces helps to avoid the residue buildup that can dull the original shine.
- To maintain the shine of your jewelry, gently clean it with a soft-bristled brush or cloth using warm water and detergent-free soap
- Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight.
- Avoid spraying perfumes and applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewellery.
- Store your jewellery in a soft pouch or suitably lined box
- All our sterling silver products are protected with an anti‑tarnish solution to help prevent tarnish.
How To Repair
Your pieces may age as you wear them throughout the time, however our whole premise is to build a brand with pieces that you take on your journey and that age with you. Should your Atelier Romy piece require a repair or a rebirth, we would be very happy to work with you to bring your piece ‘back to life’. We can replace a lost stone, repolish, replete and even dip your pieces in a new colour plating. Please email us your requests at

Repair Price List
Clean & Polish (Yellow and Rose Gold Plating) - from £40.00
Clean & Polish (White Rhodium Plating) - from £35.00
Stone Replacement - from £25.00
Ring Sizing - from £55.00
Necklace repair - from £35.00


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